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"Animal Lover"
Kriss has loved animals since she was a child. She lived on a farm and had dogs, cats, chickens, calves, pet cows and a welsh pony. She and her brother even had a pet steer that they could ride. In adulthood, she has raised and loved 5 big dogs, 1 little dog and 4 cats. Her last cat just passed on few weeks ago at 20 1/2 years old. She has taken care of our friends dogs for weeks at a time when they needed someone. If you have her take care of your pet, they will be loved as if they are members of the family.  

Kristine is absolutely the best! I was abroad for a month and Kristine offered to take care of my little dog. She really went above and beyond! Not only did she feed him the usual, but suggested alternates if he reused food. She knows what it takes to foster a pet and gives extra attentions to the requirements, playing with them and showing them love so that they wouldn't feel lonely. Kristine really shows that she cares! Just love her!!! Her love of animals is simply unsurpassed. Now, whenever I will need help boarding my dog, she is the first person I call and count on!
-Kristine has always been the classic pet/animal/rescue person. With one very large exception, she actually continued to take care of the animals her parents allowed her to keep! She obviously had a special connection with animals of all types. Growing up on a farm helped to foster this ability. She kept cats, dogs, chickens, hogs, calves and a pony. And she was responsible for feeding, exercising and grooming them.  Kristine also has a very strong mother instinct which guides her to be prompt and fair with reprimands for transgressions and abundant with snuggles, cuddles and praise as rewards for good behavior and jobs well performed.

Denver is a long distance from my home. But if Kristine lived closer she would definitely be my first choice for the pet sitter for my babies.